Coding a card game shuffle algorithm for better UX.

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Quarantine has unleashed a lot of creativity in the world.

(My roommates and I are the college students)

The Game

Note: This is an article about how we are building the shuffle algorithm for our game. If you want to know more about the actual game itself, you can visit the website linked at the end of this piece.

The game is a pretty simple card game, where players pull from a deck of cards with instructions on them. …

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A rising tide of Americans are turning their backs on the idea that college is “worth it”. Despite plenty of statistics finding increases in lifetime income levels, social stratification, and general happiness levels associated with graduating college, I get it.

For many college graduates, the timeline from high school to full-time career looks like this:

  1. Optimistically choose a major based on a general interest they have in high school
  2. Take out expensive loans to finance their pursuit of this major
  3. At some point, realize that they either aren’t as passionate about their major as they hoped, or that what they really want to do with that major — what they are passionate about — doesn’t earn enough…

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This is a high-level crash course on AI for managers, business owners, and other non-technical roles that want to get a grasp on Artificial Intelligence to start using it to drive value in their organizations. This is not intended for computer scientists and mathematicians.

This is divided into 3 brief sections:

  1. Why AI is important for business
  2. Different types of AI and what they mean
  3. How Machine Learning actually “learns”

Let’s dive in.

What AI means for business

We’ll get a technical further down, but first you need to understand 3 big reasons why you should even care about Artificial Intelligence.

What’s the optimal time to do maintenance on your vehicle fleet? Which sales leads have the highest dollar value potential? What patterns in a company’s financials could indicate fraud? …

Why we build them, why we (usually) shouldn’t, and what we can do instead.

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It looks expensive, right? That’s because it is. In more ways than you know.

After suffering a bout of writer’s block, I went to Google’s search trends and saw this:

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Imagine having to decide between taking a shower and feeding your family three meals today. It sounds like something from a dystopian novel, but this is the reality for thousands of Americans.

If he wants to fulfill his vision, Trump needs to cool down the hot U.S. dollar.

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*Quick note: this is not a politically-charged piece, merely a simple guide to a confusing economic principle.*

President-elect Trump’s entire campaign was spent promoting the idea that the American economy sucks. That our country has been pummeled by foreign powers like China, which have stolen away manufacturing jobs and precious dollars in their quest for world domination. So you would think that the recent strengthening of the dollar would be good, right?

Actually, it’s just the opposite.

In just 7 minutes, learn what’s happening in the Congo and what it means for Africa, the world, and you.

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As I am typing this, the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is preparing himself for his new role: dictator.

In this article, I will cover:

  • What is happening in the DRC and why
  • What this could mean for US companies and consumers
  • What might happen to the DRC

And you’re going to want to read this, because what’s happening in the Congo is a big deal.

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Gin is making a resurgence in the UK (Image source)

“Would you like a splash of milk in your tea, some sugar maybe?”

“No thanks, but I’ll take some gin if you have it.”

While I doubt the new trend in the UK is gin and tea, one thing can’t be denied: the UK is guzzling gin like never before.

AT&T is in the dog house. But it just got a “get out of jail free” card.

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AT&T just got slammed by the internet watchdog. But it probably isn’t going to matter.

Have you heard of AT&T’s “DIRECTV Now” service? The Federal Communications Commission certainly has, and it isn’t happy.

If you aren’t familiar with the service, it allows subscribers to stream live TV and On Demand shows from a mobile device. The cheapest bundle is 100 channels for $35/month (this is a limited time offer and will jump to $60/month unless you sign up now), and users can add-on channels like HBO for as little as $5.

DIRECTV Now was initially hailed as a cord-cutter’s dream, especially considering that AT&T announced that AT&T customers will not be billed for any data used while streaming Now on their mobile devices. …

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80% of India’s cash has evaporated

“India is the world’s fastest growing economy.”

Have you heard this before?

On a statistical basis, this is true. The exports of the nation are climbing and more startups in tech and other industries have sprouted up in the Asian nation.

When we look past the generalized statistics, a different picture is painted.


Michigan State University Distinguished Scholar with a love for finance, comp sci, and copious amounts of coffee

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